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          Linyi Haocheng Crafts Co., Ltd.

          China plush toys professional manufacturer

          Brand authorized

          environmental process

          best quality

          About Us +

          Linyi Haocheng Crafts Co., Ltd. was founded in March 2006, is a financial original design, brand development, production and processing, marketing promotion in one of the large plush toy business. The company has six plush toys supporting processing plants, all kinds of employees 1260 people, with Doraemon, Bear infested, the bulk of the son, A Li peaches and other series of more than 200 genuine product specifications, while independent research and development lavender bear, Smiling face lying dogs and other "shell cool" brand more than 180 kinds of products, with an annual output capacity of more than 5 million, the products are sold nationwide, much consumers.

          News +

          Haocheng successfully signed the

          [2016/11/24]Haocheng successfully signed the

          At present, BBC Worldwide preschool animation masterpiece "Blue Wizard" official hand Linyi HaoCheng Crafts Co., Ltd., to create the most domestic toy star, mining static plush..

          Old toys change the new recipe

          [2016/11/12]Old toys change the new recipe

          Many parents do not hesitate to spend a lot of money to buy toys for their children, but do not know how to effectively use toys. Let me tell you some old toys to change the new recipe..

          Clean plush toys have coup

          [2016/11/12]Clean plush toys have coup

          Baby plush toys dirty, clean up both trouble and a waste of water, but also with washing machine wash, but also easy to wash the toys bad, I have a coup both water also ...

          The operating skills of a toy store

          [2016/11/12]The operating skills of a toy store

          Children's childhood and ultimately, the companions of toys, toys are also essential to accompany the growth of children partners. Children's toys also allow children to get a ..

          Partners +

          • Wangda Group
            Hair SPA
          • mingchuang
            Seven-color flowers