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          Best partners


          Release time:2019-01-11 09:31:06

          YOYOSO Hanshang Superior Brand was founded by Ms. Ma Huan in 2014. YOYOSO Hanshang Superior Brand is a well-known international fast fashion leisure department store brand, and an excellent enterprise in the field of "Fashion Leisure Department Store Superior Products" all over the world.

          YOYOSO Han Shangyoupin adheres to the concept of "creativity, fashion, simplicity and nature" and the brand idea of "international fashion leads creative life". With "creativity, fashion, high quality, value-added" as the core value of the brand, through accurate positioning and continuous innovation, it has won the favor and popularity of consumers. As a professional plush toy manufacturer, Haocheng naturally loves YOYOSO's trust and favor. Over the years, Hao Rong Company is not only a supplier of YOYOSO plush toys, but also designed and produced a number of plush toys with unique style for YOYOSO, which contributes to the sales of YOYOSO plush toys.



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