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          Welcome Linyi Haocheng Crafts Co., Ltd. website.

          Corporate Culture

          Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise, the inexhaustible driving force to promote its development, and an important part of building its core competitiveness. It is deeply embedded in the vitality, creativity and cohesion of an enterprise, and is a long-term, basic and strategic factor affecting the growth and decline of its strength. Hao Rong's corporate culture has penetrated into the enterprise body. They internalize in the heart and externalize in the line, and play an important role in the development of the company.

          The construction of enterprise culture, including the multiple connotations of enterprise guiding ideology, management philosophy, management style, value system, traditional style, cultural atmosphere and enterprise spirit, is the construction of enterprise's soft environment. It is the deep spiritual power reserve to ensure the unification of enterprise's thought, to inspire morale, to establish good interpersonal relationship, and to ensure the realization of the overall strategic objectives. It is also the upper level of enterprise development. Architecture.

          Haocheng's enterprise spirit, style and purpose constitute the essence of Haocheng's enterprise culture. It is the product of the combination of theory and practice in the development process of the company for more than ten years. It is the crystallization of collective wisdom and experience over the years. It is also our invincible weapon of battle.

          It is a question of enterprise culture to take the enterprise in what direction and form what kind of atmosphere. If we do well in the construction of corporate culture, we can form a good atmosphere, and all the employees can unite and work hard together. The company is a chess game from top to bottom.

          The most fundamental competition among enterprises is cultural competition. "Corporate culture innovation" is the source and motivation of all innovation. Cultural innovation will greatly promote management innovation, product innovation and service innovation. Only by building a broad and diverse corporate culture can we truly cultivate the core competitiveness of enterprises.

          The development and growth of the company put forward new requirements for the system and norms, and put forward new topics for the professional ethics education of employees. If the construction of enterprise culture is in place and the staff can change their ideas and improve their quality, the loopholes can be reduced and the effective complement to the system can be realized.

          Corporate culture construction is an important magic weapon for the steady and rapid development of the company. Enterprise culture with integrity as its core is the heirloom of Hao Rong. Leading cadres and employees at all levels must carry forward their traditions, uphold their own fairness, emphasize learning, politics and integrity, so as to keep the construction of enterprise culture alive and vigorous.

          The focus of corporate culture construction is to focus on Ideological construction, which is to cultivate employees'enterprising orientation, professionalism and loyalty to the company. Unify the employees from all over the world into Haorong's corporate culture.

          The scientific nature of Haorong's development strategy provides a strong guarantee for the construction of enterprise culture. Corporate culture is a system culture, which regulates the operation of enterprises and the behavior of employees. This requires the company to continue to strictly implement the "dereliction of duty accountability system" to achieve "dereliction of duty three do not let go".

          To be a leader, we should care about the employees, advocate uprightness, and educate them to have the spirit of selfless dedication. Employees should concentrate on their work. When your work is done well, you have the ability, ability, contribution and loyalty to the company, you will be promoted and raised naturally. Leaders at all levels should create this atmosphere bit by bit.

          In addition to the sound working atmosphere created by good corporate culture, strict management system, well-planned and well-planned capital planning management system, there is another magic weapon for the rapid development of Hao Rong for many years, which is the solid and efficient work style formed through the construction of corporate culture. Hao Rong can do other people's work for three years in a year with an efficient and vigorous style of work.



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