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          Welcome Linyi Haocheng Crafts Co., Ltd. website.

          About Brand



          International well-known works, has won many awards

          Vision: Transfer friendship and share happiness

          Values: Kindness, Beauty and Happines

          Mission: With friendship as the theme, share strong friendship and spread the positive energy of youth.

          Doraemon is the hero of the story. It is a cat-like robot from the future world. It helps Daxiong solve all kinds of difficulties with its magical treasure bag and various wonderful props. The story of Doraemon A brings people into a wonderful and imaginative world. Educating children should have courage, justice, mutual love and help others.

          Big Son and Little Dad

          Big Son and Little Dad

          China's most beloved cartoon parent-child family, the "positive energy" of modern family education and the brand cartoon symbols of Chinese family culture

          Vision: Committed to the Creative Culture of the Best Quality Family Life

          Values: Happiness, Respect, Sharing

          Mission: To create, disseminate and share emotional wealth, health wealth, wisdom wealth, creative wealth and life wealth with the theme of love and family

          "Big Head Son, Little Head Dad" has been influential for nearly 20 years since 1995. The Big Head Son, Little Head Dad family has become a cartoon symbol of Chinese family culture with high brand awareness and reputation.



          Ali won the nomination of "Best Image Award of the Year" and the first international authorized Industry Award for animation image in mainland China.

          Vision: To share the beauty of youth with the theme of friendship, family and love

          Values: Warmth, Happiness and Simplicity

          Mission: With the theme of family, love and friendship, excavate people's inner softness and strength

          From an overnight Internet image to a well-known animation brand in many fields, such as picture books, animation, games, products and authorization, Ali carries the brand-new slogan "Ali, the initial beauty, dedicated to those who still believe in fairy tales" and greets the brand strategy with a growing attitude.

          Crayon Shin-Chan

          Crayon Shin-Chan

          In August 1990, "Crayon Xiaoxin" began to be serialized in "weekly cartoon action". Tokyo International Animation Festival 2003 Excellent Director Works Award.

          Vision: Express the happy life style of parents and children through Xiaoxin's "innocent fairy tale"

          Values: Happiness, Wisdom and Kindness

          Mission: With the theme of friendship and kinship, it disseminates children's cleverness and naughtiness.

          Big-ear Tutu

          Big-ear Tutu

          Vision: Memory of innocent childhood

          Values: courage, growth and happiness

          Mission: With love and family, friendship as the theme, Miss innocent childhood, spread family wealth, friendship wealth

          "Big Ear Picture" adheres to the production concept of "from the standpoint of children, more for children" and uses vivid and interesting "family" stories to create a fresh and lovely image of domestic animation stars. After continuous efforts in recent years, "Big Ear Tutu" is widely loved by children and their parents, and attracts more adolescents and adult audiences who miss innocent childhood.

          Gourd doll

          Gourd doll

          Cucurbit doll is one of the representative works of the second prosperous period of Chinese animation and one of the original classical animation in China. It is regarded as the "classical childhood animation" of a generation.

          Vision: To uphold justice, safeguard world peace and sacrifice oneself for others

          Values: Kindness, Courage, Integrity and Unity

          Mission: Seven brothers and one heart

          Cucurbit doll is the main character of animated film "Cucurbit Brothers" and derivative works, each of which has superb skills. In order to save relatives and fight with goblins, Cucurbit doll is loved by audiences, especially children. It has become a classic of the post-80s and post-90s generation.



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